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Tax advice

The study Chichierchia & Partner offers a broad spectrum of solutions to meet tax and accounting needs of individual and corporate enterprises, ensuring an accurate and timely advice at the stage of filing tax returns. The study offers any assistance at every stage of the confrontation with the IRS.

Employment consultancy

The study Chichierchia & Partners has consolidated over the years substantial experience in the field of employment consultancy. The study offers its customers the widest support from the establishment of the employment relationship with employees, taking care of all the preliminary subscriptions to various contributions, until the same litigation also.

Litigation and legal

The study Chichierchia & Partners gives particular energy to the area of litigation taking care to carefully examine any wrongdoing and/or Government measure, and consequently use where appropriate, the various institutes have a deflationary effect available and required by applicable legislation.
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  • Chichierchia & Study

    è uno studio professionale indipendente e multidisciplinare di Dottori Commercialisti e Revisori Contabili ed è organizzato in aree di specializzazione ed è stato fondato nel 1986 dal dott. Ciro Chichierchia.
  • Areas of focus

    Independent professional and multidisciplinary study of Accountants and Auditors and is organized into specialty areas and was founded in 1986 by Dr. Ciro Chichierchia.
  • On-line service

    The study Chichierchia & Partners provides its clients with a constant update to legislative changes through the publication of explanatory and interpretative circular area. Through its site also offers online advice service; in various areas of consulting the appropriate forms can be used for any specific request for assistance.